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Perfection at draft beer; Weihenstephan Hefeweizen.

I think people don’t want to drink or eat what they cannot say their name. Therefore, tasting Weihenstephaner beer is hard at first. But then you get use to it and after it comes such wavy.

Most of taster marked that beer like 9/10, 98/100. Well, I think it has the best score 100/100, nothing more to say.

Today, many kind of bottled Weihenstephan can be found all around the cities in Turkey, shops, pubs etc. As draft, well that is little bit irritating. But don’t worry. I am going to make a list where you can find it as draft at the end of article.

Here is the oldest brewery in the word. Even older then my country :).

Weihenstephan beer history ile ilgili görsel sonucu
With its special glass.

Pronouncing 🙂


In 725 M.D. Saint Corbinian and with together 12 companions founded a Benedictine Monastery on Nahırberg Hill and somehow they learned principle of brewing at Weihenstephan.

Weihenstephaner draft beer ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The Place

In 768 , owner a hop garden which close to the Monastery, had to give %10 of his product to the Monastery. Meanwhile, lovely priests at the Monastery succeed at produce beer and then also got permission to sell it to residents.

After that year the Monastery faced affliction many times such fire, disaster, invasion and so on. However, every time they managed to rise up again and again. Today, Weihenstephan is the oldest beer brand in the world.

History in Turkey

TÜRK TUBORG BİRA VE MALT SANAYİİ A.Ş. has right to import and marketing it in Turkey according to the notice from 04.21.2014.


Soft, not bitter, with lots of spicy taste and feels refreshing.

Alcohol Content (ABV): 5.4%

Bitterness Units (IBUS): 14

Recommended Temperature : 6- 8 °C


Foam is really important. Without it, do not drink and leave the place for good :).

Place that you can find the beer as draft in Ankara.


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  2. drinks world

Zelve Valley, Cappadocia

Zelve Valley (now known as The Zelve Open Air Museum) one of the most fantastic, exiting and historical place I have ever traveled. Who knows maybe the master of jedi ,Obi-wan, found Luke in this valley :P.


1. Map of the Valley


2. Enterance to the valley


It was a monastic retreat from the 9th to the 13th century where Christians moved during the Persian and Arab invasions. Zelve was until 1952 a living community where ordinary people went about their daily life, grinding bulgur at the seten (mill), pressing grapes for pekmez (molasses) in the şaraphane (winery), rearing pigeons for their fertilizing manure in the güvercinliks (pigeon houses) and bedding their animals down for the night in the cave-cut ahırs (stables).


3. Square 

The Christians and Muslims lived here together in perfect harmony until 1924 when the Christians had to leave as a result of the exchange of minorities between Greece and Turkey and the Muslims were forced to evacuate the Valley in the 50’s when life became dangerous due to risk of erosion. They left the site to set up a modern village, a little further on, to which they gave the name Yeni Zelve.

Apart from monasteries and churches, houses, a tunnel joining two of the valleys, a mill, a mosque and several dovecotes are found in the valley.


4. Mosque


5. A wiev from churchs

If you decided to visit Cappadocia, do not leave without walk around that place and for the rest of valley (I mean for Cappadocia) spend minimum a day.

Rockrider Mountain Bike 340

I needed a bike that could handle either for urban and little off-road. Plus, this bike must be cost/performance. Hence, I bought rockrider 340 model from Decathlon. Price was about 660 TL (approx 220 $). In this chapter, you can find short explanation and some photos regarding to the bike.

rockrider 360 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bike-Type All-Mountain
Frame-Material aluminum
Wheel-Size 26 Inches
Weight 14,85 kg




Dağ Bisikletleri Bisiklet - 26Dağ Bisikletleri Bisiklet - 26Dağ Bisikletleri Bisiklet - 26


  • good tires
  • quality of body
  • chain and gear
  • lighter


  • front suspansion hardners not enought
  • type of gear both bad and uncomfortable
  • seat is not comfortable for long journey



The bike is pretty lighter against to same class bikes (thanks to the V-brakes). Tires are also very capable for urban (%70) and offroad riding (%30). However, if you consider long way journey, then you must consider twice 🙂 cause of uncomfortable seat and type of gearing placement. After 2-3 hours riding, right hand and haunch are getting painfull. By the way, don’t forget to buy some accessories. Cause this bike selling with no accessories.



Lee Van Cleef



Most probably he is one of famous western movie actor of his time. According to most people, he is an idol with his own state, gaze and cold-forged face.

He was born on January 9, 1925, in Somerville, New Jersey and died 1989 at his home. He served to US Army during WW2. After released his duty, he started to take minor roles at off-Broadway stage productions and his talent noticed by Stanley Kramer. In High Noon (1952), he played the young actor and kept taking roles for other movies. Hence, he would be known “bad guy” in Western movies.


Here is some of movies I admire;

  1. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1967)
  2. Sabata (1970)
  3. The Magnificent Seven Ride! (1972)
  4. Return of Sabata (1971)
  5. For a Few Dollars More (1965)
  6. Death Rides a Horse (1967)



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